It all started when…

Two Minnesota gals saw a need in their community for mamas to relax and connect. Jen + Meg had hearts to bring Minneapolis moms together for a time of connection and growing and hence was born, Minne Mama Meetup.

Our bi-monthly gatherings are always different in location and have different themes, but we try to stay consistent in fulfilling the desire for creating a space for vulnerability and unwinding. We want you to walk away feeling relieved, rejuvenated and hopefully, with a few new mama friends.

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A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and giveaway contributors. We often have questions about what it looks like to donate for our giveaways so here is our FAQ for your convenience:

What is the minimum or maximum value for my item?

That is completely up to you. And each gift is very much appreciated, big or small.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, everyone must purchase a ticket through our eventbrite page. (Link above.)

Do I have to be a mom to attend the event?

Yes, although we are so grateful for everyone’s donations, we want to respect the specific values of Minne Mama Meetup and our focus on motherhood.

Do I have to have something for everyone to take home?

It’s totally up to you. You can provide 1 item/package that one winner will take home or something smaller scale for each mom to be gifted with and take home with them.

How many women come to your event?

We average between 35-50 moms.

I am not attending the event, where do I send my donation?

Please contact Jen or Meg to schedule a time to meetup or get a location to ship to. Please have this established at least 3 week before the event as to give enough time for us to prepare.

I’m part of an MLM, do you allow more than one rep niche’?

We always try to have a variety of giveaway donations and do our best to not have too much overlap. If you are a part of a specific MLM company, we will only have 1 rep per company but not necessarily 1 per category (makeup, wellness, clothing, etc.)