Give me a beautiful room, beautiful mamas and some yummy snacks and we are all gonna walk away with some new friends.

Which was exactly the case at our last Minne Mama Meetup.

We gathered at Ciel Loft and Home and it was the perfect “at home” feeling.


Some of our mamas come with a friend but most of our mamas come alone. It’s a huge step out of comfort zones and we are so honored you stretch yourself to our space. Everything good happens on the other side of uncomfortable.

Fun fact: About 40% of our attendees are returning mamas and 60% are newcomers to our events. You’ll hopefully see some familiar faces and most likely get acquinted with a new friend.


Each of our events are different but a general synopsis is:

  1. Check-in

  2. Mingle (get drinks + food)

  3. Welcome + Sponsors

  4. Speaker

  5. Small Group Breakout Discussion

  6. Photos (group, headshots, friends)

  7. Giveaways

  8. Goodbye

Each new meetup we highlight new + local:

  1. Sponsors

  2. Giveaway contributors

  3. Mama-owned businesses and entrepreneurs

  4. Locations

  5. Food vendors

  6. Photographers

So, there is something fresh and exciting each time you come!


These are bi-monthly meet-ups meaning when you really break it down, we only have 6 events per calendar year and we surely hope you will join us for some!

We have a color theme each time and new additions and fun things planned so make sure to follow us on Instagram to not miss out on anything.


Your ticket sale includes:

  1. Admission to the event

  2. Food + beverage

  3. Networking opportunities

  4. Entry into giveaway

  5. Headshots

Click here to join us at our next event at FourPost at the Mall of America on November 7th!


Walk through our home on any given day and you will encounter blanket ladders in multiple rooms and blankets available for use anywhere. I am constantly adding new and cozy blankets to our collection. With 8 people, there are so many snuggles happening and adding the perfect blanket to the mix is just the cherry on top.

One of the favorite blankets in our collection is our Tranquility blanket. The material is so soft and they are weighted blankets so beyond the comfort of it, there are actual health benefits to their use, including help with relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation. Did you know that? I know… it’s wild! So, let me tell you all about it!


The Tranquility Weighted Blankets apply deep calming pressure to help you relax, fall asleep easier, stay asleep and have a more peaceful nights rest so that you wake up feeling more rested. This is great for everyone! And, they can even help calm and comfort those who suffer from stress, anxiety, autism, ADD, ADHD, or sleep issues. Using a weighted blanket has helped me feel soothed and calmed, while providing a safe, natural solution to improve my sleep.

Everyone wants to de-stress and decompress at the end of a long day. And oftentimes, that involves relaxing, whether watching TV on the couch or cuddled up with a good

book or podcast, these de-stressing activities can be maximized when using a weighted blanket because of the calming and secure affect they have on our bodies.

IMG_1319 (1).JPG

Tranquility blankets are designed to help both adults and children relax so they can rest well and recharge. My kids LOVE this blanket and often time are all snuggled up against it during movie time or taking turns and using it as their main blanket at night. Those are often the nights they sleep through the night and wake up very rested. (Guess I’m going to need 6 of them soon.)

There are also different sizes and weights of a Tranquility blanket – from 6 to 20 pounds- so you get to choose what works best for you. I know from experience, these blankets have made a really great impact on our family and functioning. We are big fans! And just to point out, some people are worried about them being too hot but we have never noticed any issue with that. And there is temperature balancing technology built into these blankets, so they are really made with great design in mind.


These blankets are available both in store and online at and so you can get your weighted blanket game on asap! Honestly, go check out Tranquility and get all the deets to make your home a more peaceful place with the simplicity of a cozy blanket. Snuggle up and make a fun family tradition out of it!

To cap off my love for my blanket love, I want to end with giving you some ideas for the best ways to destress at the end of the day:

  1. Have a basket where you set devices and LEAVE them. Go cozy up with your partner and enjoy sounds of nature or a good conversation face to face.

  2. Family movie night! (My kids ask for this EVERY night so maybe choose a designated day of the week for it.

  3. Netflix and chill.

  4. Head outside to a hammock and your blanket and nap.

  5. Crawl in bed with blanket and good book in hand.

  6. Create a nook or sweet space in your home that is always waiting for your presence to rest.

  7. Make a little library and pillow and blanket area to read and cuddle with the kids.

There are so many ways to help us with anxiety and stress that is throw at us daily- this could just be one of those great things to add to you arsenal of support. This is just another asset to help you wind down, sleep better and live a life of more purpose and wellness.

If you need us, we’ll be over here, cozied up under the weight of our Tranquility blanket, living our best lives.


Fall in Love.

Through the years, I have been drawn more and more to the creative arts with painting, digital painting, photography and so many other endeveurs. And some things have come more naturally than others, and some things I have needed to study, learn and gain knowledge and experience through the process.

One of those particular “learning expereinces” has been with photography. in taking photos and lighting and angles and also in the editing stage.

Learning how to function in editing was a whole new world but one worth my time investing into and it has truly become something I adore doing.

It took me hours on end to learn just how to use the Lightroom app and now its one of my favorite things to do.

A few months back, I ran my first collaboration with Lou & Marks for my own preset pack. It was so fun and had a light and bright feel to it that I wanted specifically created to work well with all skin tones, especially multi-ethnic families. It was a hit and I loved seeing everyone’s photos used with my presets. You can still get those presets here.

Now, fast forward time and I was ready for a change. In my own Instagram feed and also in the presets I could offer to everyone else as well. I knew that I wanted to work with Lou and Marks again because they really do great work and help you in the process to learn how to use Lightroom.

Here is view on how these photos can apply to photos and the feel they give:

As the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors, I am excited to launch my new line of presets in collaboration with Lou and Marks called “Fall in Love.” This pack comes with 8 different presets that have a beautiful fall feeling to them. I wanted a rich, warm, moody vintage feel for these presets and that’s exactly what they produce.

And this pack is extremely affordable and only $20 for all 8 presets! Use code MeghanJoy25 and get 25% off which brings your total to only $15. It’s an incredible deal and I know you are going to love them!



Each of these presets is designed to work well with all skin tones and depending on the lighting that you are shooting in, you will find one that perfectly gives off that warm moody vibe. If you want to get a closer look at some before and afters, head to my Instagram and check out the “Fall Presets” highlight cover.

And make sure that when you use the presets, hashtag #meghanjoypresets so I can see all your work and have a place to view the beautiful collection of art and people!

Here is view of each of the 8 presets you get in the package:

I hope you love these presets and exploring your creativity with these just as much as I do! You can get the entire preset line right here. I can’t wait to see what you do with them!


Freedom in Homeschooling.

This was an original guest post on She Found Grace blog- click here to read it there.

I get asked often why we choose to homeschool and if I had all day, I would sit down and chat over a cup of tea and share with you. But if I can boil it down to one main thing, it would be freedom. There is so much freedom in homeschooling that encompasses WHY we choose this lifestyle to educate our children at home.

In a way, yes we school our children AT HOME. And we worldschool, lifeschool and unschool. We let our life experiences show and share with us and allow actual living to teach us and grow us. We let the kids passions lead and give them space to explore their gifts and talents.

We do use a curriculum. We have books and structure and a schedule. And we have SO MUCH flexibility and spontaneity mixed into that. I want my children to love to learn. I want them to be eager to dive into new topics and find more things in life that they enjoy and are naturally good at. I want them to be curious and explore the world around them. We have a great curriculum that walks them through all they need to learn. And we appreciate the freedom that we have in homeschooling so that we can set the books down when I have a baby or when we move or when we take a roadtrip. We don’t have to feel the pressure of logging in absent school days or having to keep up with a scheduled curriculum because, there is more freedom here.

We have freedom in what we teach. Because our entire lives are focused around our faith and our relationship with Jesus, we get to foster a sweet environment of that for our children in our home. We get to infuse our faith into every subject they learn. We get to integrate discipleship and character building into our everyday learning and conversations. We get to create space to read the Bible together, have discussions, teach our children to pray and give them ample opportunity to practice that. The freedom in our faith is one of the biggest pieces of why we do what we do.

Another one is…. time. I knew that I didn’t just want to spend time with my children on nights and weekends. I didn’t want to send my kids away for someone else to take care of and teach during their childhood, because I want to be that person. I want to spend my mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights with them. I only have them for such a short time. I want to cherish each moment I can. Time has been a determining factor in how we approach our decisions in life. And this isn’t a knock on anyone else’s kids who do go to traditional school or are away from home often. This is just MY story. And the freedom of time with my children in integral in my value system. Quality AND quantity time.

I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom but in the past 5 years, I have built multiple businesses from home. I am so blessed to be able to bring income in from home while still being with my babies. Some weeks I work a lot and some weeks I barely work at all. But the neat thing is that with the freedom in our homeschooling, I am able to do the work I love, from home and still educate my children. Our day allows for me to get ample work time in IF I am wise with the time we are given. And my kids get to be a part of that and see what that looks that.

Freedom in homeschooling means we get to explore passion-led learning. Instead of running every kid through a one-size-fits-all system, we can cater to their personal gifts, talents and passions. We still learn all the basics but instead of pushing them into complex concepts of a certain subject they have zero interest in (or may never need for a career one day) we get to dive deeper into subjects, skills and concepts that they truly get excited about and have natural giftings in. It also means that we get to do things at our own pace. My son is turning 7 this summer and just starting to grasp reading. It has not come as easy to him as it was for my older daughters. And instead of pushing him into frustration with learning at the same pace everyone else does, we’ve been able to gently challenge him to grow at it in his timing. That is a huge blessing for us.

Because of the open-ness and flexibility of homeschooling, we have more availability to travel and even just do day-trips or adventures during the week and during the day with our children. It opens up a whole new door of possibility when you are no longer limited to do things on nights and weekends or depending on if we can take work off or feel it is okay to take the kids out of school. We have 100% control over how we spend our time.

I am a very social person and love going to local events and checking out all that Minnesota has to offer and because of homeschooling, I get to do a lot of fun things with the kids and do meetups and park days and attend a lot of events that I love. I also love exploring arts and crafts and doing projects around the house. My kids get to see and be a part of all of that. They join in with me and make their own art and we have this limitless potential to find new activities and crafts that we enjoy doing together.

We will get to use our time to teach our children life skills as they get older. There are so many hours spent per day at traditional school learning complex math skills (most of which I personally, have never used in my adult life.) I think it would have been wonderful to learn actual useful things like how to do certain home improvement projects, changing the oil in a car, how to cook and bake like a champ, or how to be financially stable. I was blessed to have learned most of that from my parents but a lot of kids don’t get that opportunity and the schools only teach it as an extracurricular (and it’s all based on tests and grades) not necessarily learning, enjoying and comprehending the concepts.

One of the things I really appreciate about our freedom is that we have very slow mornings. We wake up when we wake up (normally I am up around 6 with the babies) and we enjoy a peaceful morning of play and slowness. There is no rushing to get dressed, eat and get out the door. It’s relaxed, worship music on, and a calm about the house as the kids quietly play and the sun slowly rises. It’s a sweet time for us and sets us up for a great day. Those slow mornings are cherished and precious.

Why do i love the freedom in homeschooling? Because WE get to CHOOSE it. Our lives aren’t dictated by anyone else’s schedule. We have complete freedom in how we live and where we choose to spend our time. I think time is the most remarkable gift we’ve been given on this earth and I don’t want to ever take it for granted. Because of that, homeschool plays a very integral part in how we live.

Projects in Person.

Minne Mama Meetup has been in full swing this summer with 3 events happening on back-to-back months. We were at Colored Organics (Northloop), Bauhaus Brew Labs (NE MPLS) and most recently, Projects in Person (Hopkins). We have only 2 remaining events left for the 2019 year. And upon some prayer and processing, both Jen and I have decided to continue hosting these gatherings for the 2020 year and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

This is the last event Jen will have her belly bump for and there will be a newborn baby at our next meeetup!

This is the last event Jen will have her belly bump for and there will be a newborn baby at our next meeetup!

We had 40+ women show up to July event at Projects in Person and it was absolutely incredible. If you don’t know Jill from PIP yet, you NEED to know her. She’s quite the remarkable woman. Full of iife and joy and she shared such generosity with us when every mama got to make their own custom shelf to bring home at our MMM. It is such a beautiful space and it was empowering to see so many women gather together and create and grow.

Brooke Peterson from Well Women Co. was our speaker for the evening and brought a phenomenal word to the women. We had a wonderful table of food and then cupcakes from Alexandra’s Sweet Delicacies. The most talented photographers were in the house capturing our time together- Mitzi from Authentic Grace Photo + Film and Beth from Bethany Walker Photos. And each mama got to go home with a bag of mini donuts from North Star Donuts.


We also had Fox 9 News at our event to cover our evening and we can’t wait to see the story they put together sharing about what our community of women is doing.

Minne Mama Meetup is for all mamas in the Twin Cities. We put these together for YOU. To have a night out, get dressed up (or not), have some yummy snacks and maybe walk away with a friend or two. Some fun perks about our events are that we have a small group breakout session portion of the evening. In this time, we break off into groups of 7-10 and go through some discussion questions where our moms really have a deeper moment to connect with one another.

We also have a fun giveaway portion of the event where we get to showcase some really great local creatives, artists, businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s so neat to hear them share about what they do and then having mamas walk away with gifts in tow.

Another perk of our events is that every mama also gets a headshot from one of our photographers. We all know that moms do not get enough pictures of them. Our facebook profiles are either pictures of our children or a really bad angled selfie. At MMM, we take a moment for each mama to get in front of the camera, let loose a little and walk away with a beautiful new lifestyle shot of themselves.


These meetups truly fill our hearts. We love seeing women show up time after time. We have to many returning mamas and new mamas come each time. We love hearing about the friendships that happen through them. And we surely hope that your cups are filled up when you walk out the doors. Let’s do this motherhood thing together.

Grab your tickets now for our next meetup in September (which will be our last Saturday morning event) here. We hope to see you there for another memorable event!

Summer Reading.

My two oldest girls are obsessed with reading. They can’t get enough. Especially when they get their hands on books they really love. My 6 year-old son is learning how to read this summer and gets so excited when he sounds out letters to form words. And my youngest 3 children love being read to. We are a family of readers which makes us even more excited to share what we are up to this summer


Half Price Books’ Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program encourages kids ages 14 and under to read throughout the summer. The goal is to read at least 15 minutes a day (and parents can read to littles who are still learning and that counts as their minutes.)

At the end of each week, add up your childrens’ minutes and once they’ve reached 300 minutes, bring the completed log in to your nearest store to earn HPB Bookworm Books that can be used towards a book purchase. The program runs through July 31st so you have plenty of time to get your kids involved. Just be sure to redeem those Bookworm Bucks on or before August 29th!


We recently took a trip to our local HPB and the kids had such a good time perusing the bookshelves and found so many of their favorites. It was actually hard to pull them all away when it was time to leave. And they each found a small treasure of a book that we bought and brought home with us.

I think that heading to Half Price Books might be a new, fun summer activity for us. Since my girls have found their favorite genre, they honestly sit and read for hours. They are 8 and 10 years old and absolutely graphic novels. Think of a comic in chapter book form, that’s what it is like. And the selection for this genre at HPB was HUGE and my girls got lost in there for hours, finding all the perfect additions to their collection.


Truth be told, Makkedah read enough minutes on the first day of the reading log to exceed the total minutes she needed to read for her June Bookworm Bucks. She found a new graphic novel at Half Price Books and could not seem to stop reading the rest of that day. But what’s better than that, seeing your child enjoy books on end for hours in the shade of a tree during a beautiful summer day? That’s truly a beautiful sight.


All of the kids are excited to have their own reading log and are giddy to fill out their minutes for it each day. We are having a blast at the Yancy house, spending lots of time reading together.


So, now I’ve shared this awesome summer program with you, who’s going to participate and grab some Feed your Brain reading logs for you kids? It’s the perfect way to keep them engaged with reading throughout the summer and making it an enjoyable process.

Do you remember those reading programs when you were little? I do, and they were such a precious part of my childhood. I get excited knowing that I am providing a really fun opportunity for my kids, one that they will always remember from their childhood too. Big shout out to Half Price Books for playing a huge role in it!


Downsizing. Part 2.

We are downsizing and as hard as it will be to leave a home we love, I am so excited for the simplicity and minimalism at our little farmhouse.

We put our house up on the market on a Friday in April and had 18 showings up until Sunday night when we got an offer that we accepted. And then began the whirlwind of packing, cleaning and preparing to leave a home we loved. And although all of our kids were excited, there are still many emotional transitions to to be aware of and nurture.


We have moved a lot in our past 11 years of marriage, and each home we go into, we make it ours and often leave it much better than when we first came. Now, we walk into our little 1950’s home that will be a complete remodel. It’s nestled on a little plot of land about 40ish minutes from downtown Minneapolis and we have so many plans in store for this little charmer. We are moving into a house almost half the size of our other house with 1,834 sq. ft. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and sits on 1.31 acres of private land. While walking our land just the other day, our dad helped us discover maple trees (who knows how to tap for maple syrup?), wild raspberry bushes, black current plants and wine grape vines so basically, Yancy Vineyard is now a thing. There are so many more things to venture and discover on our little plot of land.

We are doing almost an entire house renovation with a very simplistic + minimalist design. Because of redoing so much of the house, we stayed with my parents for 3ish weeks who generously took in 8 people. They are the best and we are so so grateful! Seborn worked tirelessly to get our house completed and we have some other fun projects that I will be sharing as time progresses throughout the summer and fall.

Have you ever heard this quote:

“But you know, love grows best in little houses
With fewer walls to separate
Where you eat and sleep so close together
You can't help but communicate
Oh, and if we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss
Love grows best, in houses just like this”

That’s what I am so looking forward to relishing in.

Having a smaller house means less to clean.

Having a smaller house means more closeness together.

Having a smaller house means more time to do things we love.

Having a smaller house means less expenses.

Having a smaller house means bringing less ‘things’ into it.

And this is not a knock on big houses. I had a big house and LOVED IT. Just sharing my perspective in this season and what I crave and desire our life to look and where I want our resources, time, energy and money focused.


When I think of the freedom that is right in our grasp, I want to take hold of it and run with it.

When Seborn and I were chatting about how silly this may all sound to some people I shared with him my realization that I just don’t think I should commit to long-term homes because I’m always up for a new adventure. He says, “You’re right. Let’s think of each home purchase as a college decision. We are only making the commitment for 4 years or so.” And I responded to him, “Yah, I like that idea. Except let’s go to a 2 year college. I only want to get an Associate’s degree.”

I am so good with the fact that I understand myself more and begin to follow the urges I have to explore. And that I can do it with my littles.

The big thing is that Seborn and I would always talk about what we will do when the kids get older and leave the house. That we would retire and travel and do all the things we want in life. And we then realized we didn’t like that mentality. That we don’t need to wait for the kids to be grown to do the things we dream of. That we actually don’t want the kids to grow up and leave us. But that we want to create a space to gently usher them into adulthood, newlywedness and parenthood with a great support system set up. We already know that when the time comes, want to provide an opportunity for inter-generational living with all of our children.

But we didn’t want to wait another 20-30 years to live life how we want. We want to do that right now, WITH our children.

At point, I struggled with the thought of our frequent moving as a sign of instability. But no. Stableness is not found within 4 walls of drywall. Stableness and security are found within a family of love and support. Stableness is in our actions, words, deeds, thoughts, and unconditional love that flows through our family members. Not in a building. Memories can be made anywhere. And we fully intend on taking advantage of that.

I understand most peoples hesitations. It doesn’t make sense to most. I just have a naturally counter-cultural viewpoint. I naturally see life through a very different lens from the rest of the world. And I have somehow convinced my husband to join me along for the ride. He would be so content with the status-quo life, which makes me all the for grateful to him for taking risks, being up for craziness and living life to the fullest, in what that looks like for our family.

This is only the beginning…

Downsizing. Part 1.

August 2018 was the first time where Seborn and I would walk out this entrepreneurship journey together and see where it would take us. We’ve had lots of bumps and bruises along the way but we are growing through it. He left is 9-5 and we started working from home together.

Initially, when we first had conversations about bringing him home, we mentioned downsizing to just really set us up for success and we step into this new season, but we just loved everything about our home and couldn’t imagine leaving it. We were quite comfortable.


But we find ourselves in this huge house. Me, being the aspiring minimalist I am, gets lost in the largeness of the house. There are so many unused spaces and we first bought it with the intention of it being our “forever house.” It was perfect and had plenty of room to grow. Over the past 2 years, we have worked on making it ours. Arrow was born here, upstairs in our bedroom. There are so many memories built into the walls. We love our yard, our home, our cul-de-sac, our neighborhood, our city. I could never imagine us leaving. Until… we sold it.

We lived in a 3,232 square foot house that had 6 bedrooms (7 when we moved in but we tore some walls down to have a large family room space), 4 bathrooms and 0.51 acres. Our property backed up to a biking path and then open fields. There is a historical farm behind that is preserved so there will never be anything built behind that house. We had the most lovely front porch. I learned so much about home decor in this house. How to transform smaller spaces and make them more functional and how to showcase pieces only that I truly love.

But we still find ourselves with too much excess. When you have a big home, you fill it with lots of things. I find my time being stretched between just cleaning and maintaining all the areas. I cannot keep up with cleaning 4 bathrooms. It just isn’t a reality for me. And if you are a person who hires a cleaner, more power to you. I just personally wanted to be able to manage the cleaning myself. That’s just the place I am in.

And also, I love change. I should NEVER get a “forever house” because I will most likely be ready for a new adventure in the next 2 years or so.


Another reason for our downsizing, is that with the flexibility of our schedules and homeschooling, I would rather use our finances to invest into that time instead of just funneling into living in a big house. I probably could even do a tiny house! We’ll look into that after this move. (wink wink). I just think of all the possibilities of what our income could be used for instead of mostly spent just living in a big house.

I know what you are thinking, “But you have 6 kids! Where will they all sleep.” Listen, we had 6 bedrooms and basically used only 2 of them. Seborn and I had our room and every night, all the kids piled together in one room (and oftentimes, just sleeping on the floor together.) They each have their own beds but they prefer to be together. So, right now, in this season of life, we don’t have a NEED for more space.

LESS space is so intriguing to me. The simplicity that comes with it is desirable. And I realize that that perspective is not as commonplace. But it’s what speaks most to us.

The interesting perspective for us to navigate is the certain status that comes with a big beautiful house. It signifies success and power and wealth in our society. People see a big house and automatically correlate it with a successful person. And I’m so glad we’ve had our experiences here and it’s also grown me to realize that success is not measured by the size of a house or money or anything like that, at least from my point of view.

It’s more of love and faith and joy and living our lives the best we can. And just so much more. But it’s not a house. We had to tear down those perceptions that it is a “less-than” to move from a big house to a small house. And it’s a process. And one that is so rewarding because I am thinking about the new doors of freedom we will be opening. Less outgoing expenses, less time spent cleaning and maintaining a huge house. More time built in making memories, travelling where we want and when we want and creating a more simple life in a smaller space.

There you have it, a small tid bit of our next chapter. Downsizing. Leaving a home and neighborhood we love in an attempt to simplify and enjoy today in a different way. To set ourselves up for adventure and success our own way.

Because I love our home we sold, I want to share the pictures of it on this page, to never forget what we created here. I pray it blesses the next family who calls it home.

Part 2 of our adventure is coming up next… stay tuned.


Sometimes, you run into those days where something is just a little “off” with your kids. Maybe they aren’t bouncing off the walls and you know something is up. You know what I’m talking about, right?

And then worry starts to set in. We might we flashing through our minds all the things that could be wrong with them. At times, we end up with those overnight ER visits, or we work ourselves into a worry tornado over something that was minor. That’s just parenthood. Because we love them and want the best for them, we analyze all the evidence and google the crap out of things to find out what is wrong.

For us, it’s often that the kids just needed a nap or an early bedtime. And other times, in hindsight, I realize that we should have brought them in to the doc days before we did. Maybe you’ve experienced that as well? If so, I want to share about TytoCare with you.


TytoHome is a device + technology that allows you to diagnose from home. Through TytoCare, you can conduct a guided exam and with the help of a clinician, you will be able to determine if all is well, what your treatment plan should be or if you should go into the ER for real. It allows you to pinpoint and treat common conditions like ear infections, cold/flu, and sore throats from the comfort of your own home.

We all KNOW how scary Google can be when you start searching for possible solutions for certain symptons you are experiencing. TytoHome takes a lot of that fear away!

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul region Sanford Health is the medical provider. The clinicians you see via Sanford Health are certified, experienced in treating urgent care conditions, and are specifically trained in performing visits online.


You’ll quickly find out what actions need to be made and it’s such a streamlined process. You simply download the app on your phone and are connected with a licensed clinician that can help diagnose what is going on.

I was amazed at how simple the process what and the app has awesome videos that are a part of the TytoHome Academy that walk you through HOW to do each exam. You feel empowered to know that there is something more you can do.

With 6 kids, this has been such a neat program and resource to be available to us. You can get your own at and in select Best Buy stores in the Twin Cities!


Milk Bath.

Milk baths are one of my favorite things. For many reasons:

  1. We gotta take baths anyways

  2. They are super good for your skin

  3. They make super pretty pictures

    Here is what I normally put in mine:
    🥛- powdered milk
    🥀- flower petals
    💦- YL essential oils
    🧂- epsom salt
    🍯- little bit of honey

We take all of ours in our kitchen sink but have also done our bathtub. A big pale or bucket works just as fine, as well. Here is a recipe for a full bathtub so if you are using a smaller area, you could half or quarter these amounts:

2 cups powdered milk (goat, cow, or buttermilk)

1/2 ounce lavender essential oil (or essential oil of preference)

* I got the hook-up if you need essential oils so just message me!

  1. Optional: 1 cup Epsom salts

  2. Optional: 1 cup sea salt

  3. Optional: 1/2 cup baking soda

Happy milkbathing!