3 reasons to dream.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

Upon entering a new year, we have yet another opportunity to write another chapter of our life. To some, that may look very similar to the path they are already on, and to some, much different.

I, personally, am a dreamer and a doer. So, it is very easy for me to whip out ump-teen goals and dreams I have for the new year and have a plan set to attack, chase and ferociously achieve them. And I also realize, that not everyone is built that way. And you know what, ROCK the way you are. Use your own strengths to your advantage.

And don't let anything stop you. Not your age. Not your race. Not your gender. Not your disabilities. Not your fears. Not your worry. Let it all go and dream big.

So, I give you 3 reasons why you should dream:

1. This is the one life you get. Literally. This is the one opportunity to do what you want to do. ONE LIFE. RIGHT NOW. HERE IT IS. Don't waste anymore time. Dream big and go after it.

And honestly, do I need to give you any more reasons? Because I really feel like that should be enough. This is all you have. 1 life to live. And God is for you. Which means you are unstoppable.

So, dream. And, do.