I've heard it so many times and legitimately never know how to respond.

"You are just SUPERMOM!"


I never know if I should be super humble and just say thanks.

Or if I should lower myself down and spew out all the things I do wrong to prove that I am indeed, NOT, supermom.

It's just an awkward position.

And now I find myself telling other moms the same thing. Because it seems like a super nice compliment but I just feel weird when people say it to me.

THAT being said, whenever people say it, it usually is accompanied with something along the lines of, "How do you do it all?" or "You juggle everything so well! I can't even manage with 2 kids!"

But let me know tell you, every day isn't peachy. Sometimes, I trick the kids into thinking that 6pm is bedtime.

In moments, I escape to take a 12pm bath or lock myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes. Shouting to the fingers creeping underneath the door that "I'm trying to poop! I'll be right out!"

So, now that the cats out of the bag, let's get REAL AND RAW.

When people ask me how I do it all or say, "I know you are really busy but..."

Let me stop you right there.

Yes, I have 5 kids.

Yes, I homeschool.

And yes, I am an entrepreneur and run businesses from home.

But... I'm really not TOO BUSY.

And it's because I have learned the art of saying "No."


I am not overwhelmed and running rampant because I choose not to. And so, THAT is why it may seem like I can do everything. Because I choose what I do VERY carefully.

I'm really going to be digging into the depths of this.

So stay tuned for next week...


(Photo cred: Ashley Baker and Erica Morrrow.)