1 Year Blog Anniversary.

November 1, 2016 was the day it all launched. I had spent months and months building a website, preparing a blog, creating an Etsy shop and on November 1, it all launched to the public. It was so much work and I purposed to enjoy each moment of it.

My goal- to create a community of encouragement, love and finding joy in TODAY.

It has been 1 year since the launch of my website and blog and I am so grateful to God for what He has done in just 1 year!

I have faithfully posted 52 blog posts throughout this year- one every single Monday, without fail.

Now, there are some things I failed at. Can you say e-mail subscription campaigns? Yah... that didn't stay consistent. Esty shop.... didn't stay on top of that either.

But you know what, my blog grew. My readership grew. My Instagram grew. I was purposeful for an entire year on investing in my online presence, building relationships, creating my essential oil business empire through it and following the Lord's lead. And I'm so excited of what is yet to come to and where it will go.

And I have to say THANK YOU to YOU!!! For being along on the journey with me. For reading along, for interacting with me and commenting and sharing. You are freakin' amazing! Whenever I post something on Instagram, my thoughts are, "Does this add value to someones life?" And if I know that it could impact even ONE single person, I'm going for it.

So, I hope that over the past year, even one little word impacted you. I have big plans for the next year and I'm so thrilled you will be along for the journey!

In honor of the celebration, I have teamed up with some super awesome people for a giveaway. It's all happening over on my Instagram and there will be 12 winners (1 per IG account participating.) All you need to do is hop over there, follow the accounts and tag some friends in the comments! (Winners will be announced on November 1st on each accounts page!)

Thanks for celebrating with me! All the glory to God for all He is doing in each of our lives!