Small Boobs

Yep. I'm talking about boobs on the blog today. Let's just pretend we've gotten home from a long day of work, and the first thing you do is take off that stinkin' bra. Plop yourself on the couch and put yo' feet up. And let's just be real and raw and transparent with each other, shall we?

If you haven't read my blog post about loving and embracing my unique (and comparibly "large" nose) and why I never got a nose job, you can check it out here. So, while we are at it, why don't we tackle another one of those socially staged assumptions.... boobs. 

I'm coming straight for you today. In America (and I'm guessing most other places in the world), large breasts are "in". It is desirable. It is the look we try to achieve and women will go under the knife to make it happen. Because that is how breasts are supposed to be, right?

WRONG. Heck no.

Let me tell you my story. I've always had a solid "nearly A" breast size. Never really phased me either one way or another. I don't remember it being a "big deal" in my mind growing up and developing. And once I got pregnant with my first child and began breastfeeding after she was born, I ballooned up to a size C. Which for me, was GINORMOUS. Let's get real, it was solid milk in there. Just engorged with some Grade A human milk. And really, at that point, those things don't look really pretty. Their rock hard, first of all. And the blueish veins that protrude outward can be quite disturbing. But I nurtured my baby with that milk. It's quite awesome, really.

Within the years to follow, I became pregnant and breastfed for at least a year (another 4 times.) That is A LOT of inflation and deflation of the boobies, I'm telling ya. A LOT. 

And to top it all off, after my 3rd baby, I busted my butt to lose 45 pounds of clinging on baby weight. And this is the moment in time where I was introduced to a whole new world of my boobs. I lovingly called them my "pancake sags." Saggy flaps of skin, basically. I'm just trying to be real with you here. Because really, I just had some skin flaps hanging from my chest. That is the best possible way to describe it. After weaning my baby and losing all that weight within a 10 month time frame, there was just nothing left.

And honestly, my boobs have never recovered from that time. And you know, I'm totally okay with it. Cuz guess what, I freakin' love my boobs! They fed all my 5 babies and will feed more! I could care less how big they are, how perky they are, how perfect they are. They are a beautiful part of me and they most likely won't ever be the same ever again, but gosh darn, I'm embracing them exactly the way they are. 

Really, I'm like, ultra comfortable all the time. I can lay on my stomach with my head gently nestled on the ground because I've got no cushioning prohibiting me from touching the floor. And yes, my babies don't have as much cushion to lay their heads on, but we make it work.

This is for all my mamas and anyone who has been called "flat-chested" or been ashamed of your "bee-stings." Whatever the world has thrown at you, throw it back in their face. Because you are beautiful! Your bra size does not define you!

And this is for all you voluptuous women as well! Girl, rock it! You are beautiful just as you are too! We must stop comparing ourselves to one another. Stop creating our own persona of what beauty is and instead, encourage one another in exactly the form we are.

And I sure hope your husband makes you feel beautiful just as you are. My hubby always makes me feel desired and loved and totally sexy! He tells me how he loves every part of ME and my body. And that alone, gives me the confidence to love every part of me too.

Today, begin speaking TRUTH and affirmations of your beauty, no matter what size you are. God made you with purpose and intent, and how big your breasts are, has no determination in what that looks like. Friend, you are absolutely stunning. Perfectly imperfect and gorgeously unique. Celebrate YOU today. And celebrate those awesome boobies you are rockin.'