Because. Oils.

You've probably seen and heard me talk endlessly about Young Living Essential Oils. I would apologize for the overload but really... when you are passionate about something, how could you and why would you keep it to yourself?

That's why I'm always talking about Jesus and how big faith plays a part in our life. I want everyone to know what life in relationship with the God of the Universe is like. I desire for everyone to experience the intense love of Christ. Because He loves you so much. So. So. Much. God encompasses everything I do in life. The center, front, beginning, middle and end of it all. And He is so deeply rooted in my essential oil journey and business that has developed through it.

It's similar to when I recommend a good movie we saw or a yummy restaurant we tried out. I don't rave about things I don't like. That would be stupid. So, if you hear me talking about and suggesting something over and over again, chances are... it's truly a REALLY AWESOME THING. And you should probably try it out. Hey, maybe it's not your sip of tea. Maybe it doesn't tickle your fancy, float your boat or tune your guitar but at least you gave it a shot. My point being, I only promote things I'm truly in love with and believe that it will benefit, encourage or bring joy to others. Bottom line... you can trust me.

Because. Oils. 

I began my journey with YL EO's in February of 2014. It was a momentous day.... eh... actually, it was just an ordinary day. Mind you, a quite extraordinary ordinary day as it marks my Oiliversary each year (yes, its a thing.) And the decision to purchase the Premium Starter Kit completely changed the trajectory of my entire life. You wouldn't think that such a small event as "buying essential oils" would change your life forever... but, nonetheless, it did.

Let me count the ways:

1. Life of health and wellness- I embarked on a journey that was no longer led by ignorance but by educating myself on what we were putting in and on our bodies each day. I can give you all the facts of all the toxins sitting in your home right now, but I'm a firm believer in people doing their own research and digging for the information instead of only taking my word for it. Google it. Find articles and facts that are the proof for how our products and food are made. It's sickening. You'll see. My mind kept expanding as I realized more and more the chemicals found in my cupboards. Sometimes, I cleared everything out in one clean swoop and other things were a slow transition into toxic-free with Young Living (even beyond essential oils, because y'all... there is so much more!) Find your flow and keep learning. 

2. Passion in Entrepreneurship- I NEVER would have seen myself as starting my own businesses, building an empire and working from home. NEVER. Especially in a network marketing capacity. But here I am and it SETS MY SOUL ON FIRE! I already felt like I was living the dream as a stay at home but God had even more unimaginable plans in store for me and our family. And I can't imagine what is still yet to come. I wake up every day excited for moments I get to "work." It is not easy to build your business, it's a freakin' lot of hard work but SO SO WORTH IT. 

3. Insurmountable Residual Income- Dude... I'm making a commission check every single month. From home. I don't need to keep products in stock, find a place to store it all and figure out how to ship it all to customers. Nope. I share my oily life and refer people to Young Living to take their own health into their hands. I tell about the empowerment that this journey provides and how everyone is capable of doing the same. And because I share a part of my life and others decide to take their own healthy path with YL, I get a "thank you" check from Young Living each month. And it gets higher and higher as time goes on. And I will continue to receive it for the rest of my entire life. 

4. Legacy for my children- My kids get to spend each day with me and they also get to see me work on my business, communicate with my team and work hard towards something. They see work ethic and perseverance every day. They see passion grow in their mama and they have grown their own passion for essential oils along the way. My oldest daughter wants to be an "oil lady" when she grows up (along with a gambit of other things) and better believe we plan on getting her her own member account when she turns 16 of which she can begin building her own business, as well. The thing of it is, all the work I am putting into this business will last my lifetime. And beyond that. You see, most jobs, you work 40+ years and then hopefully saved up enough money to retire on. But with Young Living, every once of sweat and time and energy I put into this business, will impact generations of my family. Because this business is willable. Meaning, I can will my entire business to my children and they will receive my monthly commission checks for the rest of their lives as well. I am creating a legacy for them.

5. Community + Connection - I never could have possibly imagined the rich relationships God would bring into my life through this Young Living family. It has been one of the biggest surprise blessings I could receive. God has restored and replenished past friendships and brought the sweetest new souls of humans into my life. Whether it's my lovely next door neighbor or a new friend from Ireland that I talk to on the daily, I am so thankful for PEOPLE. I never would have these darling gems in my life if it weren't for Young Living. It provides connection and community in the most admirable way and I often stand in awe that I get to do this each day. I talk to countless of my team members every single day. I pray for them. They are family to me and we stay close, even if we are far away. That type of miraculous friendship is available to anyone. You just need to jump in. Or hey, maybe even start with dipping a toe in.

6. Personal Growth- I am such a different person than I was 3 years ago before I began Young Living. It has positioned me in places to grow as a person, woman, Christian, writer, friend, wife, mother... the list goes on. I am an Entrepreneur now. I've expanded even beyond this and now run multiple businesses from home and have so many more dreams I want to turn into a reality. I used to be much more timid and hesitant for opportunities and now I jump at them. Even just standing in front of a group of people and teaching an oil class has become one of my favorite pastimes now. I am continually craving growth and balance in my life. Truly the Oola way. I used to spend my evenings watching endless tv shows. Now, my evenings are filled with so much more rich and rewarding activities that are growing me as a person, a professional and all the other glorious hats I get to wear in life.

Now, that I've given you a glimpse into my oily life. Let me tell you some reasons why I love the Premium Starter with Young Living (which is how my whole journey began) and how I actually save money using these oils:


1. All my skin support needs are met with Lavender + Frankincense. {add to current face routine, make your own lotion, apply to children when they take a fall 😉}...

2. All our digestion support is found in that beautiful little bottle of Digize. It smells like black licorice but don’t let the scent fool you, my friends. It packs a powerful punch.

3. I no longer have to get 27 different poisonous cleaning products for my home because Thieves, Lemon + Purification take the cake in this category! {Puri is amaze-balls on some wool dryer balls for your dryer. Fun fact: dryer sheets are one of the most toxic things you have in your home. Google it.}

4. Low on energy? {aren’t we all? 😩} Peppermint is my GO-TO! I don’t need coffee or energy drinks- I just slap some of this minty juice on my wrists and temples and take a good ol’ whiff straight from the bottle and I am good to go!

5. We are fully supported for our respiratory systems with RC and I love making a chest rub with coconut oil! Toxic free is the way to be!

6. Feeling drained on those morning commutes or the sheer loudness of your kids? Massage on some stress away and feel the tension just melt away. It’s also great in the diffuser. No more chemical filled “room fresheners”- just use this little green bottle.

7. Panaway + Copaiba are an action packed combo that I love to use for muscle, joint and bone support. Rubbing it in right on location just relaxes those tired body parts.


There you have it. And that is just tip of the iceberg, my peeps. There are never-ending resources and endless possibilities with this oily life. And really, I'd like to cordially invite you to join the ride with me. Be a part of my team and experience all the goodness this life provides. We are here, with open arms ready to welcome you to your oily life and our oily community. YOU are worth the investment into your health and future. Just holla back, ya'll.