Yancy Christmas Card 2017


This past year has brought some very incredible moments in time. Let’s recap:

February- Seborn + Meghan took a trip to Cancun, Mexico (their first trip alone in like, a bajillion years.)

March- Moved into our home in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

August- Found out God has blessed us with baby Yancy #6 + we had 3 International students move into our home.


Seborn- In his second year as the assistant principal at Benilde St. Margaret’s. He reinstated his real estate license this year and has been pursuing his business as a Realtor, representing  sellers + buyers as well as investment properties. He still runs consistently and is always up for a trip to the movies.

Meghan- Is entering her 5th year of homeschooling the kids. She has a blast running her Young Living business, ministering through Instagram + social media, running her blog + website, and writing her first book.

Makkedah- Turned 8 in March and began 3rd grade. She is the most sweet and tender little human and truly has a heart of gold, always thinking about other people. She is a complete daddy’s girl and learning how to play the Ukelele this year and gets to have daddy as her basketball coach.

Samaria- Turned 7 in July and began 1st grade. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to share her honest opinion. She loves baking and anything that has to do with food and snacks. She talks to her sibling in mommy’s tummy almost every day and loves being at home. She loves getting lost in her playtime and imagination.

Nehemiah- Turned 5 in August and began Pre-K. He has especially loved 3 more boys living in the house. When we go for family walks, he is running. His personality is continually growing and changing and it's a joy to see the little man he is becoming.

Shiloh- Turned 3 in April and loves to do Pre-K lessons with her big brother. She loves to wrestle with Neo. She wants the baby to come out NOW, so we are practicing patience. She will wear a dress every single day and then sleep in it all night long. She is all girl but is rough and tumble and hardcore right along with it. She takes crap from no one.

Zion- Turned 1 in January and creates mayhem wherever he goes. He is absolute fire and always into something. Seborn prayed that our 5th child would be so wild that I would not want any more kids. Well… his prayer was answered… somewhat. Zion is definitely the wildest little one of the bunch, but Meghan STILL wants more little ducklings. Zion is always keeping us on our toes and teaching us so much grace.

Baby Yancy #6- Is due on April 20, 2018 (but let’s be real, it most likely could be a May baby.) We are grateful to God every single day for this blessing of a child. Meghan has been feeling fantastic the whole pregnancy (maybe a few rough weeks) but otherwise, able to keep up with all the beauty of a day's tasks. And... it's a girl!

Evan, Jerry + Carlos- Our 3 International students have truly been a joy to welcome into our family. That’s not to say there isn’t bumps along the road but we love having them with us. Even is 17 and from China. Jerry is 16 and from a different area of China. Carlos is 15 and from Spain. They basically have their own apartment in our basement and we love getting to know about their culture, while sharing parts of ours with them. We already know it will be hard to say goodbye at the end of the school year.


So, there you have it. Our 2017. And we can’t even imagine all that God has in store for 2018.

We pray that your year, your Christmas season and your New Year is absolutely filled with blessings and joy and the comfort that only Jesus can provide. When we sit and ponder about how lovely this life truly is, it all goes back to our Savior. To His ever-present guidance and love in our lives and His constant covering over our steps. Our prayer for you is one of hope and light as you celebrate His love in your life this season.


Intense love from the Father from our family to yours… Seborn + Meghan + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 (+ 6 coming soon)