Grant + Giada

Ya'll know I am a sucker for subscription boxes. For real. They are just so fun! This wonderful little package that arrives at your door each month with these perfectly crafted gifts and gadgets curated specially for you.

{Grant + Giada has sponsored this post and all opinions expressed are completely my own.}

Having 5 kids, they've gotten pretty used to sharing. They might not always like it. They might not always be good at it. But it's a learning process and they are realizing that it will always be a way of life and not a bad thing.

I have legitimately contemplated making it so that no one owns any of their toys or clothes. It's just "community" property. Any one can use them, play with them or wear all objects in the house. I just feel it would make for way less arguments. So much less fighting. But, let's be real, I don't know if that will ever be realistic.

So, it was really neat when I happened upon Grant + Giada and we got a boy box and a girl box and all the kids got some super cute treasures to all call their own. Grant + Giada is an exclusive monthly subscription box for stylish childrens' accessories for boys and girls between the ages of 5-10.

Then there is the whole issue of me setting this example as well. Let me tell you, when I was little, I hid my food. My special treats and snacks all had a special (and ever- changing) place. Secretly hidden in marvelous places only I knew of and where I could find, waiting for that moment when I could indulge without my siblings hands snatching them away.

And... I have kind of brought them into my adult life. I'm sad to say it, but my husband has found some pretty sketchy secret hiding spaces just riddled with random snacks that I have tucked away for a rainy day. I can't help it. It's in my blood. I'm a snack hoarder. I can admit that now.

So, when I'm trying to show my kids about this whole "sharing" concept, I am also learning in my own life because my hidden snacks are sacred to me.

And so back to this wonderous Grant + Giada subscription box. Each child got their own special gifts and were so thrilled to try it all on and rock a new style. They surprisingly shared so well and worked out who got what together.

Whether you have one child who would be overjoyed to get their own special package in the mail each month OR you have 5 kids like me, its such a neat opportunity for them to each get a special item and we really enjoyed our first month of packages.

I just had to share some of the goodies in each box!

14kt Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Londyn Designs (Retail $24)

Gold Rush Leather Purse by Petite Hero (Retail $25)

Pearl Earrings by Chelle Bullington (Retail $10.25)

Bubblegum Pink, Mint and Purple Headband by Crocodile Crunch (Retail $8)

Gold-filled Pearl Bracelet by Little Pieces of Love (Retail $20)

Facial Scrub by My Lemon Crate

One of the things I liked best about Grant + Giada subscription box is that most of the items are from small handmade shops so I am know I am supporting some great people. PLUS, Grant + Giada donates 10% of all sales to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

And another neat perk, is there is a little gift token for mommy in each box too! I mean, really, it just kept getting better and better!


Totally Teal Stripe Socklings by Socklings (Retail $16)

Seersucker Self-Tie by Holmes Ties (Retail $14.90)

Pink Pocket Square by Holmes Ties ($9)

Lapel Pin by Poser Club ($16.05)

Leather Belt by Buboo ($21.30)

Facial Scrub by My Lemon Crate

I'm just gonna put all the cards on the table. I'm not the most stylish mom ever. And sometimes, I really feel clueless on my kids style. I'd like to be super savvy in that area and just have my kids dressed on point all the time but honestly, I can get a little lost in the shuffle. So, it was kind of nice for a package to arrive that says, " THIS is what is in right now. THIS is what is stylish for your kids. Have them wear THIS." And dang, it's all so stinkin' cute!



You can check out this fun subscription box here. And right now, they have a giveway that is closing soon for a free 3 month subscription and it is super simple to enter so just click on this link.


Check out their Facebook page and like them here.

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And happy accessorizing folks!