Oola for Women.

I've had this gorgeous gown just hanging in my closet.

I was hoping at some point I would be invited to some grand ball and get all jazzed up to attend. Maybe I imagined myself walking down a spiral staircase and all eyes turned to see the shimmering sequence design as I strutted slowly down the descending stairs... okay, I've been watching too many princess movies with the kids.

Realty check. I'm not getting invited to a ball anytime soon.

So, a regular Thursday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to slip into the dress.

And the truth is, I have reason to celebrate. So although a rainy weekday afternoon WOULD be reason enough for me to dress up in a shimmering gown, I also used it as part of my celebration.

I am thrilled and honored to be one of the 42 women who contributed stories to the Oola for Women book. Oola is in one of my favorite books ever, written by some of the coolest guys around. And in their second book, Oola for Women, my story is nestled alongside stories from some of the most inspiring and amazing women who have triumphed over all the odds.

My story is published.


To be a part of this project has been filled with joy (and at times, a little nerve-wracking) and even hard to comprehend, that I would be chosen for such a book with such unbelievably incredible people. Very humbling, to say the least.

I have to give a HUGE thank you to the authors themselves, Oolaseeker and Oolaguru for paving the way for change in MY life and countless others. Thank you for so graciously pouring into people's lives.

I still remember attending OolaPalooza at the Mall of America not so long ago. I was SICK AS A DOG but determined to go. (I truly feel bad for those having to sit by me and withstand my endlessly running nose.) On the last day of the event, we had an opportunity to go on stage and share our biggest goal that we wanted to pursue and achieve in the coming year. When asked who wanted to come on stage and share, my hand shot up. I was ready to verbally declare it. As I waited for my turn to speak, I listened to other people sharing their goals. Some brought me to tears and others made me laugh.

They shared they hearts with us, walked over to put their goal sticker on the Oola surfboard and Oolaseeker was right there to give them the biggest hug. And I'll never forget it. I sat there and watched as Oolaguru intently listened to these peoples hearts. And I saw his eyes well up with tears WITH them. It was so genuine. You could see how much he truly cared about everyone there. And that the Oolaguys desired that change and growth for them, just as much as these men and women wanted for themselves.

Their passion is real. Their calling is aunthentic. Their mission and vision is contagious. I am so extraordinarily proud to be a part of it.

I've truly been so blessed by this book, the Oolaguys and the women who contributed their lives to this book.

I think you will be too.

You can get the book here.



Oh, and I forgot to finish my story. At OolaPalooza. When it was finally my turn to go share my one big goal on stage.

My goal was and IS to let go of fear and write and publish my first book.

So, yah... this is kind of a really fantastic first step in the right direction.

You can find my story in:

Section Three: Oolablockers

Chapter 11: Guilt

Titled: The Mother on the Phone at the Park on page 141

Happy reading, my dear friends. Thanks for being along on the journey. It sure is a great ride.


(Their first Oola book is an International Best Seller - cheers to all that is to come!)