Race: Human Citizens

Changing division into love is as important in the year 2017 as it was during the 1960's.  Human Citizens aims to give a voice to the people who want to see a better world, not just racially, but emphatically choosing to remove labels by acknowledging our differences as humans, while choosing to embrace love.

Our world is not black and white, but a rainbow of skin tones, hair textures and dialects that make up the world we live in.  I have no doubt that OUR America is much more diverse than it was 50 years ago, however, we have been slow to accept the beauty of our diversity.

Human Citizens is closing that gap each day. 

Our experience living and working in Atlanta for almost 20 years has allowed us to see the beauty of multiple cultures blending together, yet in so many ways it feels so divided.  We are currently looking for a new home, being African American, we have had to rule out certain areas of the “suburbs”.  We are aiming for a diverse neighborhood, that is not primarily one race or another; but we have found the areas we LOVE do not provide an adequate amount of diversity to raise our family.  We of course, want to be in a great school district, but it seems with good schools comes less diversity. Finding both is proving to be difficult. 

So what does that mean for us....we are looking in cities that are further from our jobs, and leaving the city we have established as home the last few years. We have opted to relocate because being the only African American family in a neighborhood would be rather uncomfortable for us.  It's a hard decision, but one we feel is important.  It feels so unfair to find a house in our price range and then think or wonder if we move in how will our neighbors treat us.  Is the neighborhood diverse enough; what about the schools?

We love Atlanta and are so proud of the city we live in (when bridges are not collapsing and snow is not falling.)  However, it feels so confusing to love an area when you don't feel 100% accepted living in it.  

This is only part of the reason that the Human Citizens brand was created. We are not about excluding any race, it's about including love, promoting peace and uniting a diverse America and beyond. 

Our brand is sparking a conversation, and unifying people who believe diversity is a beautiful thing.  We encourage those who think like us; those who have multiracial families, and those that see the value in wearing their truth to improve the current racial divide.  It is our pleasure to inspire our "models" with a voice of love and recognition every time they wear their Human Citizens apparel.


We have made it our mission to change racial bias and #RemoveTheLabels.

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