Race: Let's dig in.

I have shared before about living life as an interracial family.

Multi-racial family. Mixed family.

Whatever your fancy is.

You can read my White Wife, Black Husband blog post here.

You can read My Mixed Kids blog post here.

Having these conversations isn't always the easiest but with grace and understanding, they can bring so much knowledge and truth to the surface.

It's not something I ever imagined myself discussing much, nor something I felt much interest and pull towards, yet, God has impressed it on upon my heart to speak openly about it and learn more myself. About race.

I am really excited to partner with some extraordinary people and organizations to help spread a wealth of knowledge concerning race issues in America today. I am so honored to feature stories and impactful information from some really incredible people who are passionate about this very topic and want to help bring more people to a common place of love and acceptance.

Over the next coming weeks, I will be featuring a new blog post on each contributing writer/organization and I hope you learn something new each week and tap into the incredible resources they provide. I know that I have learned so much from each of them myself.

If you want to get a headstart, I have included each of their Instagram accounts below for you to follow along with:

Aiming for August

Almost Indian Wife

Race Class and Parenting

Human Citizens


Tiffany Bluhm

Are Those Your Kids?


Follow along and glean from them. They have so much wisdom to share.

I hope this summer series is impactful for you. Ask questions, go deeper and let's find unity and love throughout the journey together.