My husband was out of state for a family reunion and the morning of the day he was to return, I couldn't help but take a pregnancy test. I had already gotten 2 negative tests in the months prior and this was my 3rd cycle after weaning my son. I normally don't test until the actual expected day of my period but I decided to go for it. I told God that no matter what the results were, I would trust in Him. 

For all 5 of our prior babies my husband was always waiting right outside the bathroom door while I took the test. Almost every time, I read the test wrong and my husband would re-check it and excitingly announce that we were pregnant. It's kind of been our thing.

On this particular morning, I arose before the rest of the kids were awake and tip-toed to the bathroom. I put worship music on my phone as I waited to see the test results. Honestly, not filled with hopelessness, but not expecting a positive test.

The 3 minutes was up and I lifted up the test to gaze upon a beautiful double line.

I was pregnant.

I couldn't really contain my emotions. I immediately began crying and almost couldn't hold myself up any more. I dropped to my bathroom floor and was weeping. Then began laughing. In my family, we call that "cra-laughing." I kept thanking Jesus over and over and praised him on the bathroom floor that morning. 

Then I realized, I got to surprise my husband with the news this time so hopped on Pinterest to find a creative way to tell him. I've never had the chance to do it before. I had like, 5 minutes to get it all done before the kids woke up and we got ready to head to church. 

I came up with this little ditty and got the wine bottle all packaged up in the fridge. After church, we all headed to the airport to pick him up and once home I told him I had gotten him something special in the fridge but that the glass in the front had a weird label he should look at.

He pulled it out and read it and was in complete shock and kept thinking I was joking. Nope. Serious. Double Line. Another beautiful blessing from God. Here we go again!

He was in complete and utter shock and truly didn't believe me. We decided not to tell the kids right away because frankly, they can't keep a surprise for their life.

We could only hold the surprise in for a few weeks from them and then spilled the beans. We took our traditional pregnancy photo and Seborn held my pee-covered pregnancy stick. That's my man right there. (Also, that is an exaggeration, it wasn't pee-covered, there was just pee IN it- two TOTALLY different things.)

IMG_0687 (1).JPG

Their expressions totally amuse me. 


And this is how we told the kids. We told them we just wanted to take some pictures of them. We gave them directives for what to do and then daddy told them and they began screaming and cheering. So glad I was able to capture their reactions!


Well documented sequence of events. 


And officially announcing the pregnancy of the 6th amazing Yancy child. Due April 20, 2018. But let's be real... all 5 of my children were 9-12 days OVERDUE so this most likely will be a May baby. 


Thank you JESUS for LIFE!