Kite Hill.

I am far from perfect, believe me. In so many areas of life. But right now, let's dive into healthy eating habits. Remember what I said, I'm not perfect. But I'm striving for better and better each day. 

First off, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I will take a piece of cake over a steak any day. I love sweets. And when I was pregnant like... every single year, it began to catch up with me. I started learning about clean eating. I began to make healthier eating choices. My portion sizes were controlled and what I was putting in my body was giving me nutrients and vitamins. Not just empty plastic calories.


Through my lifestyle change, I began transitioning more and more of my toxic foods to foods that are nutrient dense and help my body thrive. And I became more knowledgeable about the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. And I really wanted that for my whole family.

I learned what is in actual milk. Like the gallons of cows milk my kids and I were guzzling each week. Yah... did you know? It's not just freakin' milk from a cows udder anymore folks... oh, heck no. They let a whole buttload of crap in there now. And freely for us to drink down.

It sickens me really. Just SOME of the ingredients put into cow's milk are:

1. Pus

2. Blood cells

3. Hormones

4. Antibiotics

5. Steroids

You can find all the nitty gritty disgustingness of it here. 

And with that, we no longer drink cows milk in our house. Almond milk to the rescue!



And more recently, I watched the documentary What the Health (it is currently on Netflix and I highly recommend checking it out!) And after that... yah... I was weary of a lot of other things I was allowing in our mouths and stomachs. The short term and long term affects of the food we are taking in is alarming. 


I have been on a journey to replace more and more of our food products with good, healthy, natural options. And it's really been a fun venture. And rewarding, knowing that I am benefiting my children's health and their futures. 

Truthfully, there are just so many improper ways that our society treats food. So many hormones and antibiotics pumped into animals and so many pesticides sprayed into our fields, that the quality of food is completely ruined. Instead of fueling our bodies, they are being poisoned. Slowly and silently.


Now imagine my delight when I happened upon Kite Hill. They make artisan almond milk foods, which is basically a dream come true. They make cheeses, and yogurts, and desserts and drinks and cream cheese. Pure deliciousness that is good for you! Made ethically and with integrity.

They use traditional cheese-making techniques but create their dishes with nut milk instead of dairy milk. It is the best alternative if you love those dairy foods but either can't tolerate dairy or choose a more Vegan led lifestyle. No matter what, Kite Hill is an extraordinary company with some stellar products.


We got the strawberry banana and wild berry yogurt and HOLY NO COW (pun intended)! It was extraordinary. And there was just something about it, I felt so good eating it. And dare I say, AFTER eating it. Cause ya'll know some of that other dairy stuff just don't sit right. 

No joke, my girls LOVED it too. I had to hide them in the back of the fridge for a few days because they constantly were asking for more "healthy yogurt." It is SO GOOD!


At this point, I'm just going to dive head first in. I need to try the cheeses, drinkable yogurts, raviolis, cream cheese and so much more! How can you not when you find such a great dairy alternative? This is good stuff, people! 

All that being said, I'll fill you in on my Kite Hill adventures as we experience some new foods that are nourishing for our bodies and fuel for our minds. Check back in next month for another review on some of their great products, I cannot wait to share with you!

And don't just take my word for it. Do your own research. Check out the ingredients that are in the foods you eat. Research the process of how your foods are made and what goes into them. And check out the awesomeness of Kite Hill and companies that truly care about your health, just as much as you do.