Baby Yancy #6 Round Up.

And before I even know it, we are within 8 weeks of baby's due date. (Let's keep in mind that my previous 5 babies were all 9-12 days overdue). That being said, I'm fully depending on it being closer to 10 weeks before baby Yancy #6 makes her arrival.

We have been so excited and gathering some fun products to welcome her to our family and the world. I just had to share some of the goodies!



I've always adored these. And now little baby girl has her own white marble design to rest her sweet head in. They are multi-purpose and can be used for napping, bed transitioning, playtime, changing, tummy time and so much more!



Lorena Canals

They have the most beautiful rugs (+ lots more great décor- perfect for your little ones nursery). Cool thing is, they are washable rugs, and we know that is a huge advantage for mamas with littles (which includes lots of daily spills.)



Binxy Baby

With such a neat concept, now going to the store with your babes is even easier. It's like a hammock that fits perfectly in the shopping cart (with all the safety features included.) It's portable and so easy to throw in your diaper and make your shopping even more convenient.

The Ollie World

The Ollie Swaddle was developed from a mom who had certain needs for her babe and so it was designed with therapeutic benefits involved. While enhancing quality of sleep + promoting calm and rest, there is so much that this swaddle provides for little babes in mind.



Chalk Full of Design

They have some of the best designs that are created for any age. Besides making great décor + learning lessons for littles, they also have the coolest chalkboard growth charts that can be personalized with your child's name. Better believe I'll be sharing those milestone pictures ones little girl is here!



Lulla Doll

This doll created by Roro is the perfect sleep companion. It imitates closeness for little ones with the real sounds of breathing and a heartbeat. It is so soft and was created to improve rest and sleep using smell, sound, look + touch. Cannot wait to lay this sweet friend next to my baby daughter. 




Kantha Bae

The creator of this entire brand is the sweetest mama with the coolest Bohemian feel. So many products to choose from that make the blessing of a baby even sweeter. With ring sling, quilt + headwrap in tow, we are feeling the vibes and already excited for the next season of life. Another cool thing, Kantha Bae partners with a boutique that gets their fabrics from and helps Bangladeshi women coming from at risk and trafficking environments.


Go check out these awesome brands and products! Whether you are expecting yourself or maybe feel one of these items would be the perfect gift for a dear friend, hopefully I've given you a glimpse of some neat additions for a new babies life.