Pottery Barn Magic.

We have this small room to the right when you walk in the front door of our home. It has an entry way right into our kitchen so there are only 2 full walls. It’s a very small space that I think, ideally was created as a sort of “informal dining room.” But, I’ve never understood the need for two dining rooms (nor have ever desired such a thing) and so, when we moved in, it became our homeschool room.

Then it’s kind of turned into a catch all room. Sometimes the kids would play in there, but often times not. For the most part, it was a very unused room. It had potential but needed some adjustments to make it a more convenient and inviting space.

Enter the PB Apartment project where we had the opportunity to transform a small space into a useful and welcoming room. We knew going into it that we wanted to have a functional, multi-purpose place where we could homeschool, work in an office setting and also, just have fun.

Before we brought in all our PB Apartment pieces, we did some room changes to set the tone for our desired look. We ripped out our old 90’s oak cabinets from top to bottom and fixed the drywall afterwards. We ripped up our carpet which was only about 1 year old, but we had actually made the choice to put hardwoods along our entire 1st level of our home so the timing was perfect for this room reno.

With the bones of the room intact and ready to rock, we began designing and setting the stage for our PB Apartment room.

We took a lot of our inspiration from the Mission Modular Office Collection from Pottery Barn because of the simplicity, look and multi-use of it. We used a lot of pieces from this collection in our “office” transformation. We got 2 of the pop-ups desks so that if we wanted a bit more space for play, we could easily fold them down against the wall. We added a wall cabinet for office storage and decor and a prep cart for our homeschool items. The cleat hangs above one of our desks and has been perfect to store our headphones, camera and other decor.

We got some great desk chairs to go with our desks that are easily moveable to other locations in the room and an incredible white shelving unit for one of our walls. I’ve always wanted a space to decorate and display some of my favorite pieces so this Olivia wall mounted shelf made the perfect addition with plenty of space.

All in all, the room redo turned out flawless and we have used this space more now than ever before. The kids love playing in it and doing homeschool in it. My husband and I look forward to sitting at our desks to work with the sunlight beaming in on us. And oftentimes, we all just hangout and sit around to play with toys and games in our cozy new PB Apartment Room.

It’s been such a fun transformation to work on and I love that it’s what you see right when you walk in our home. We turned an unused very small space into an area that we love in our home. This PB Apartment project has been a joy to work on.