GOLD Bunny.

As if going to a CHOCOLATE shop isn't already cool enough, you soon realize you get to take chocolate home and EAT it. Umm... pretty cool.

So, we recently hopped on over to the good ol' MOA (for you out of towners, that is Minnesota lingo for "Mall of America.") And we ventured into the Lindt Chocolate Shop and spent a GOOD hour there. It was incredible! So many different kinds of chocolate and the most helpful staff. And my kids... oh, they were in chocolate heaven. Total La-la-land. It was so neat to see them explore the flavors.



And we went at the best time! Easter.

Yep. The Lindt GOLD BUNNY was one of the highlights. And the LINDOR truffle flavors have us drooling all around the store. Basically, we had everything we needed at one store to fulfill all our Easter fun. The kids got to custom pick chocolates for their Easter baskets at the store. (Note, in Minnesota, there are two great Lindt chocolate shop locations: Mall of America and Twin Cities Premium Outlets.)


And then, we had even more fun when we got to bring our assortments home and create our own Easter baskets. I usually love doing this myself and creating a scavenger hunt along with it but the kids had a blast designing their own basket. And I'll still get to leave little chocolate hints leading to a path where their baskets will be hidden for the scavenger hunt part. 

You know all these fun basket creations led to some serious fun (and mess). With chocolate in tow, our day turned into a dance party/wrestling match/total chaos fun. With the Lindt GOLD BUNNY, LINDOR eggs and LINDOR truffles, these kiddos just loaded their Easter baskets with exactly the flavors and shapes they wanted. And the 5-packs are so cool! They come in the cutest Easter shapes like lambs, bunnies and ducks. (Did you know there are 56 Lindt Chocolate shops across the US that have these cute little Easter basket chocolates? Yah... me either!




One of the really fun things we did at the Lindt Chocolate Shop was the pick and mix station. We got to create our own gifts for friends and family and pick out personalized flavors for each person. It was so neat to see the kids browsing all the flavors and deciding what would be perfect for each person. There is such a large (and delicious) assortment!


Our Easter basket creating time turned into a total party with music included and all. 


Whether you create Easter baskets every year or maybe are trying it for the first time this year, I highly recommend checking out your local Lindt Chocolate Shop and making the most of your trip. We had a total blast from start to finish. This is some of the most delicious chocolate we have ever tasted and definitely got us in the Easter mood!


What will you create with your Lindt chocolate this Easter?