Homeschool + Snapfish.

We are quickly nearing the end of our school year. And even with homeschooling, we look forward to a summer break. Not only because we are in Minnesota and actually finally get to experience some warm weather in the summer, but also, just to continue in our route of freedom in play + natural learning each day.



As I look back on our homeschool year, it started much differently than it ended. (One huge factor being adding another family member to our clan), but also just in the way we have functioned. We have allowed for more flexibility and spontaneity.


This year, Makkedah is finishing up 3rd grade (9 years old). Samaria is conquering 1st grade (7 years old). Nehemiah has been dabbling in pre-K (5 years old) and Shiloh pops in and out of all our learning (4 years old). We don’t get to do any formal Kindergarten graduation or anything of the sort because of our education path, but that does not mean we do not celebrate the school year and all the memories we created along the way.


As we have been reflecting back on our 2017-2018 schoolyear, there is nothing but good things to remember. Every day was different. We started with an online curriculum, switched to a book curriculum a few months in and then transitioned into more of an unschooling route of learning. It’s been a wild ride and one we have been navigating together.


Our milestones have been in the simple things. Realizing that Nehemiah didn’t know the alphabet at the beginning of the year and now cruises through is flashcards. The fact that my older girls will sit for hours reading a good book. When I see Makkedah get completely entranced in watercolors. When Shiloh wants to sit by her big brother and learn her letters too. And yes, even with little 2-year-old Zion hops in the mix and loves to pester his siblings while they try to work. These are the memories I want to remember. These are the milestones we celebrate, though seeming little at times, they are monumental and worth making note of to us.


I’ve also been pregnant the whole school year so it’s been neat for the kids and I to experience the growth in that. With the help of Snapfish, we have truly been able to cherish the memories from our schoolyear. One of the ways we went out with a bang was a fun family photoshoot that captured the personality of each of my children. And we will forever have keepsakes in physical form through Snapfish.


Snapfish provided a way for us to have personalized and unique memories for us to celebrate the end of school in style. I cannot tell you how pumped up the kids were to see an actual blanket with their faces on it. It is well-loved in our house already and will always serve as a reminder of the time we cherished at home together all year being able to homeschool. We are all homebodies and so it suites us quite well. Check out this link to see all the goodies:


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The really cool thing is, Snapfish makes it so simple. You can pop your photos straight over from Instagram or your computer and create a masterpiece.

We combined some great shots from our photo shoot and made the best blanket- highly coveted in our house. (Truth is, my husband just wants to hang it on a wall, he loves it so much!)


But, the good news is, I also got an incredible quality canvas wall piece with our family on it to serve as the best reminder of this past year together. It hangs on the wall in our homeschool/schoolroom now and I smile each time I look up from our flashcards or chalkboards to see it.


It’s a beautiful thing to be able to fill your home with memories that become so tangible when you can see them with your eyes, hold them in your hands or wrap them around your entire body for that matter.


It was an easy and fun experience to create these gems on SnapFish and we will always remember this year with such joy as we look on our unique custom pieces. I’m one happy homeschooling mama.


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