What I move for.

As a mom... what drives you?

What compels you?

What inspires you?

Really... take a moment. Think about your answers to these questions. With Mother's Day right around the corner, take the time to reflect on your motherhood journey.

I've been taking the time to ponder about what I move for. What makes my heart skip a beat. What makes motherhood feel so profound?


And for me, its the joy in my kids voices. It's their laughter and their passion for life. It's in the highs and the lows of each passing day. And it's in the way I see them learn and grow in who they are. It's in the adventures they encounter throughout our daily life and their pure zeal for finding joy in every day living.

Those are the things that make me move and want to be better. My kids are what I move for.

There are times towards the end of my pregnancies where I truly have this urge to move more. Where I miss the wrestling and the running and the actual physical activity I can't engage as much in with my kids when I have a big ol' basketball belly in front of me. I enjoy the journey and also look forward to "moving" more with the kids once I give birth. 


And so, in reality and personally, I love that theory to move. Move forward. Onward. Further.

And in both capacities, Easy Spirit has helped me do so.

Okay, so they've get these great new style of shoes called Geinee and they are kinda the best mom shoes you can find. And when I'm talking about what makes me move in reality, these bad boys help me keep up with kids. Running, jumping, hiking, playing basketball in the driveway. Whatever our activity includes, I'm keeping up with it with my Geinees. 


And when I'm talking about what makes me move in a more personal and figurative way, Easy Spirit still helps me because they are running their incredible #MoveFor campaign that serves as a reminder to remember that purpose in our motherhood of what keeps us going. 

And seriously, every mom needs a good pair of shoes to keep up with their littles (or bigs). The thing I love about the Geinees is how comfortable, light and uncomplicated they really are. Which truly represents the entire EasySpirit brand. 

You can get your own pair here.


There are so many times the kids are running out the back door and I'm hustling to find something to slip on. Or we take a spontaneous trip to Target (you know what I'm talking about.) And all I really want is a great pair of shoes to easily and quickly slip on. Oh, and that don't look ugly. And here is right where the Geinees perfectly fit into my hardcore mom lifestyle. Because first, they look super cool. Second, they are ridiculously comfortable because of their great fit, breathability and cushioning. And that is what I truly need in a good pair of shoes. Third, they are easy to slip on and off because of their light fit and versitility. And keeping up with my 6 youngsters is key when it comes to the shoe department. 

I'm seriously loving my Geinees, ya'll. Every mama needs a pair. 

What do you #MoveFor?