Dad Takeover.

My hubby took over my Instagram account for a morning out with the kiddos at the Mall of America. They went to the Scooby-Doo Doo Good Hunger Campaign and had a blast spreading the word about how we can all help in the fight against hunger.

Teaming up with so many phenomenal businesses and campanies, including Funko Pop, Box Lunch, Generation On, Feeding America and Scooby Doo, himself, the event was just fantastic. See how you can be a part of it and make a difference here. #wbsponsored #ad 


While at the event, they really dove into how anyone can help the fight against hunger. There are three ways to donate for the #DooGood movement and one of them is writing a letter to Congress. Each of the kids sat down to do just that. No matter how small you feel your contribution is, lots of hands make a big impact and a difference. 


Encourage your own children to find creative ways to impact your community and help those in need. 


Your purchases of Funko Pop Scooby-Doo toy also helps in the mission of Doo Good campaign. Because 1 in 6 kids do not know where they will get their next meal from. 


It was so neat to see my husband and kids be a part of this amazing campaign and see the things they can tangibly do to #doogood.