It sounds crazy. But it’s incredible.

This little device that sits in the palm of your hand. It “reads” the nerve-endings in your hands and through frequencies, determines what Young Living Essential Oils your body specifically needs to put you back into balance and alignment.


The stories. The tales I’ve heard. People sharing what they are going through or what their kids are experiencing and they want some essential oils to support their bodies and emotional well-being. And then, we scan. And it has been downright powerful to see the results of their scans and how intricately weaved their recommended oils are with the stories they just told me. Of what their bodies, mind and emotions needed.

The basics? iTOVi is a personalized nutrition scanner that uses galvanic skin response to measure changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin.

Whether your goal is to improve the wellness of yourself or others, the iTOVi scanner provides a list of the top essential oils and supplements your body has a response to.

Think of it as a portable nutrition scanner. That is finely tuned to your specific body and how it responds and able to determine exactly what can support you in this season of life.

After my grandma died, one of my oils I scanned for was Trauma Life.

My strong-willed child almost always scans for Surrender oil blend.

During some very big life changes (mostly emotionally based), I scanned for Transformation oil blend.

It boggles my mind sometimes, and yet, never even surprises me. It’s always spot on with what I am going through at the time of my scan. And if it doesn’t seem to fit with what I am experiencing more on the outside, it’s because it’s hitting on some core issue I maybe wasn’t even aware of.

In less than 90 seconds, the iTOVi scanner will provide a list of the top essential oils and supplements that your body has a response to. It is able to gage what physical and emotional oils your body would benefit from. Oftentimes, bringing tears to your eyes because their is this relief of a targeted oil + product to help support your body.


Adults, kids, babies and even pets can all get a scan too! I love scanning my kids, especially when there is something going on with them that I would love a little help in direction on how to benefit them. Since the scan doesn’t take long, the little ones easily can hold the device in their hand long enough. For babies, I often press it gently to their stomachs while the scan does it thing.


To be given a list of essential oils to help support your body in this precise season of life with exactly what it needs is a gift. And to reach you on an emotional level as well, is extraordinary. It yet again reminds me of how uniquely and immense and incredible God created our bodies.

I could tell you story after story about people who had specific things going on with their bodies and the results of their scans directly targeted exactly those things. It’s quite powerful to witness.

It is recommended not to scan more than every 3 days and a good rule of thumb is to scan at least every month. For my own Young Living team members who are local, I offer free iTOVi scans monthly for their entire family. To be able to offer that kind of technology + support so people can precisely get what their bodies need is huge. We have this key to offering our bodies strength and wellness.


We are definitely an oily family and regularly utilize our Itovi scanner on everyone in the family. Continual baby steps towards health + greater wellness.

You can get your own iTOVi Scanner here and start giving your body exactly what it is craving too!