That new baby scent. That soft newborn cry. (In our case, a loud screech immediately upon disapproval or disapointment.) All the newness that comes with adding a baby to the family. We are feeling and living it all right now. And I am partnering with Smilo to share about this precious time. #partner (Check out these fantastic milestone cards they have!)


Little baby Arrow was born April 28 and it's been a wild ride. She has been our most, how shall I say, "demanding" baby and is very particular about how she wants things done. At least I'm never left guessing because she knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.


Really cool thing, we discovered Smilo and they've had some great products to integrate into our transition of life with baby Ro. They have some exceptional products to aid our growing family when it comes to nuturing and soothing a newborn. Plus, they have a fantastic new sippy cup where no mold can grow and that is a biggie for us!

When our first baby was born, we were adamant not to give her a paci and now we are like, "GIVE ME ALL THE PACI'S!" Seriously. And Smilo has a bomb collection of different soothers for your baby plus the accessories to go with them.


And to find a good bottle that your baby will enjoy is like finding a gold mine. Especially when they are so little and need all the nutrients they can get. We've loved exploring all that Smilo has to offer and the older kids have enjoyed getting in on the baby fun too. It's been a new season for us to walk through and its been really great to have some products on hand to ease into the changes well. 

We got the newborn bundle (which also makes an incredible gift for a new mama) and it comes with bottles, pacifiers + clips, baby blanket, newborn flow nipples, bottle brushes and more. All your baby needs in one sweet package. We also got 2 different types of pacifiers so we could really find what our baby likes best.


Having some good products on hand leaves more space and time for creating moments and making memories together. Go check out Smilo and the great stuff they have for your family!