This has been the first time in my adult life that we had a beautiful matching bedroom set. King-size bed with matching nightstands on both sides plus 2 beautiful matching dressers for my husband and I. It's something I always wanted but took us 10 years to invest into. I'm not sure why. Maybe it seemed like such an adult thing to do. For the past 10 years, I just found some pretty rad stuff on Craigslist and it always sufficed at a great price.

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But we were stepping into the big leagues this time and it was so exciting. We've had our matching bedroom set for maybe 3 years now and I'm loved it. But lately, I've been itching for a bedroom redo. But there isn't much to move around or change when everything matches. Still, I was ready to embark on a new style. A laid back, comfortable, inviting and rustic vibe was whispering to me to explore.

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You see, right now, our bed is set very high. Like you need a stool to hop on top of it. It's been fun but I love when the kids come in and join us in bed in the mornings (or the middle of the night) and its always so difficult for them to climb on. And as I am searching for my perfect bedroom renovations, I happened upon the wooden pallet bed frame. It sits super low to the ground and you can function it however you'd like. 

I was in. I wanted a wooden pallet bed frame and wooden crate nightstands that were nailed to the walls. Simple and super farmhouse(ish). There was no stopping me now. 

Enter the Lull mattress and Linens and Hutch bedding and we have a match made in heaven. And this time, we were taking it up a notch to Cal King, baby!

The process seemed long. Well, let's be real, it was long. Because we were in the midst of baby #6 being born and making renovations on our investment property. So, from the point of my dream being birthed to it actually becoming a reality was a longer time frame than I would have liked. But, here we are. My new bedroom done and beckoning for me to come in and enjoy. I absolutely love it.


Let's go through my DIY project so that maybe you too can do a mini bedroom redo.

First, we collected 4 free pallets (these are super easy to find on LetGo, Craigslist or FB Marketplace.)  All of our before + after bedding is from the incredible Linens and Hutch. They have such a great variety with really fantastic quality. I've loved being able to use their bedding in each of our bedroom projects. The current Linens and Hutch bedding we switched to was this one and this one. My husband used leftover planks from our kitchen floor remodel and put them right into our wall as our headboard decor. The rest of our redo was done using items from around the house.

The lights inside the pallets used to be hanging from our ceiling. The rug, chairs and lamps were in my office and our playroom and now make the perfect little nightstands for us. I have LOVED having our bed so close to the ground. It is so inviting and lowkey. I've really enjoyed the end result. I liked our bedroom before as well but was just itching for an update so reusing many of the items we already had at home were a perfect solution. Basically, this bedroom project cost us almost nothing.


Truth be told... its really hard for me to get out of bed these days... it's just too cozy to leave.