Give me a beautiful room, beautiful mamas and some yummy snacks and we are all gonna walk away with some new friends.

Which was exactly the case at our last Minne Mama Meetup.

We gathered at Ciel Loft and Home and it was the perfect “at home” feeling.


Some of our mamas come with a friend but most of our mamas come alone. It’s a huge step out of comfort zones and we are so honored you stretch yourself to our space. Everything good happens on the other side of uncomfortable.

Fun fact: About 40% of our attendees are returning mamas and 60% are newcomers to our events. You’ll hopefully see some familiar faces and most likely get acquinted with a new friend.


Each of our events are different but a general synopsis is:

  1. Check-in

  2. Mingle (get drinks + food)

  3. Welcome + Sponsors

  4. Speaker

  5. Small Group Breakout Discussion

  6. Photos (group, headshots, friends)

  7. Giveaways

  8. Goodbye

Each new meetup we highlight new + local:

  1. Sponsors

  2. Giveaway contributors

  3. Mama-owned businesses and entrepreneurs

  4. Locations

  5. Food vendors

  6. Photographers

So, there is something fresh and exciting each time you come!


These are bi-monthly meet-ups meaning when you really break it down, we only have 6 events per calendar year and we surely hope you will join us for some!

We have a color theme each time and new additions and fun things planned so make sure to follow us on Instagram to not miss out on anything.


Your ticket sale includes:

  1. Admission to the event

  2. Food + beverage

  3. Networking opportunities

  4. Entry into giveaway

  5. Headshots

Click here to join us at our next event at FourPost at the Mall of America on November 7th!