Sometimes, you run into those days where something is just a little “off” with your kids. Maybe they aren’t bouncing off the walls and you know something is up. You know what I’m talking about, right?

And then worry starts to set in. We might we flashing through our minds all the things that could be wrong with them. At times, we end up with those overnight ER visits, or we work ourselves into a worry tornado over something that was minor. That’s just parenthood. Because we love them and want the best for them, we analyze all the evidence and google the crap out of things to find out what is wrong.

For us, it’s often that the kids just needed a nap or an early bedtime. And other times, in hindsight, I realize that we should have brought them in to the doc days before we did. Maybe you’ve experienced that as well? If so, I want to share about TytoCare with you.


TytoHome is a device + technology that allows you to diagnose from home. Through TytoCare, you can conduct a guided exam and with the help of a clinician, you will be able to determine if all is well, what your treatment plan should be or if you should go into the ER for real. It allows you to pinpoint and treat common conditions like ear infections, cold/flu, and sore throats from the comfort of your own home.

We all KNOW how scary Google can be when you start searching for possible solutions for certain symptons you are experiencing. TytoHome takes a lot of that fear away!

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul region Sanford Health is the medical provider. The clinicians you see via Sanford Health are certified, experienced in treating urgent care conditions, and are specifically trained in performing visits online.


You’ll quickly find out what actions need to be made and it’s such a streamlined process. You simply download the app on your phone and are connected with a licensed clinician that can help diagnose what is going on.

I was amazed at how simple the process what and the app has awesome videos that are a part of the TytoHome Academy that walk you through HOW to do each exam. You feel empowered to know that there is something more you can do.

With 6 kids, this has been such a neat program and resource to be available to us. You can get your own at BestBuy.com and in select Best Buy stores in the Twin Cities!