Summer Reading.

My two oldest girls are obsessed with reading. They can’t get enough. Especially when they get their hands on books they really love. My 6 year-old son is learning how to read this summer and gets so excited when he sounds out letters to form words. And my youngest 3 children love being read to. We are a family of readers which makes us even more excited to share what we are up to this summer


Half Price Books’ Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program encourages kids ages 14 and under to read throughout the summer. The goal is to read at least 15 minutes a day (and parents can read to littles who are still learning and that counts as their minutes.)

At the end of each week, add up your childrens’ minutes and once they’ve reached 300 minutes, bring the completed log in to your nearest store to earn HPB Bookworm Books that can be used towards a book purchase. The program runs through July 31st so you have plenty of time to get your kids involved. Just be sure to redeem those Bookworm Bucks on or before August 29th!


We recently took a trip to our local HPB and the kids had such a good time perusing the bookshelves and found so many of their favorites. It was actually hard to pull them all away when it was time to leave. And they each found a small treasure of a book that we bought and brought home with us.

I think that heading to Half Price Books might be a new, fun summer activity for us. Since my girls have found their favorite genre, they honestly sit and read for hours. They are 8 and 10 years old and absolutely graphic novels. Think of a comic in chapter book form, that’s what it is like. And the selection for this genre at HPB was HUGE and my girls got lost in there for hours, finding all the perfect additions to their collection.


Truth be told, Makkedah read enough minutes on the first day of the reading log to exceed the total minutes she needed to read for her June Bookworm Bucks. She found a new graphic novel at Half Price Books and could not seem to stop reading the rest of that day. But what’s better than that, seeing your child enjoy books on end for hours in the shade of a tree during a beautiful summer day? That’s truly a beautiful sight.


All of the kids are excited to have their own reading log and are giddy to fill out their minutes for it each day. We are having a blast at the Yancy house, spending lots of time reading together.


So, now I’ve shared this awesome summer program with you, who’s going to participate and grab some Feed your Brain reading logs for you kids? It’s the perfect way to keep them engaged with reading throughout the summer and making it an enjoyable process.

Do you remember those reading programs when you were little? I do, and they were such a precious part of my childhood. I get excited knowing that I am providing a really fun opportunity for my kids, one that they will always remember from their childhood too. Big shout out to Half Price Books for playing a huge role in it!